I just led a private party on a hike up Oat Hill Mine Road to Bald Hill. Above is a Lupine bush on top of Bald Hill looking out on the Calistoga Valley. We were treated to a phenomenal wildflower show that included Indian Warrior, Shooting Stars, Hounds Tongue, and Milk Maids. The sun shone brightly as we walked up Pallisades Ridge, through dense chapparal and open meadows. Out of town guests are always captivated by Manzanita shrubs, with their striking burnt umber bark and gnarled branches, and I tell them how the Indians used to make cider out of the berries. After 3 miles of steady ascent, we reached Bald Hill, where we did a bit of cross country to reach the top direct. The top of this hill was blanketed in flowers and offered spectacular views of the Pallisades and Mt. St Helena. Follow the link below to read a blog about a longer version of this hike.