Welcome to milomitchel.com, the home of Milo Mitchel Landscaping (MML). MML is a landscaping company engaged in a wide variety of design projects, MML is pioneering new sustainable techniques, as well as honoring the time-tested principles of organic gardening.

This website explains the core principles on which Milo Mitchel Landscaping is based. It catalogs and displays current and past projects. Also, the blog explores local wildflowers, vegetable gardening, Farm to School projects, and botanical observations I make on backpacking trips from the Mojave to the High Sierra.

About Milo Mitchel:

I grew up in Sebastopol and graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon before moving back home in 2004 to start MML. I started the community garden at Lewis and Clark, as well as working as a groundskeeper, and doing landscaping for professors. In the past couple of years I have taken several horticulture courses at the SRJC including drafting and native plant classes, and am certified by the EPA as a water efficient landscaper. Most of what I know about gardening, however, I learned by doing, and by following in the footsteps of mentors like Maile Arnold and Jani Weaver.

Currently, I teach high school science at Orchard View Charter school. I spent years leading hikes and farm tours for Getaway Adventures. I am also the co-founder of Three Leaf Farms, whose focus is growing vegetables for schools and restaurants, and have worked closely with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers and the Sonoma County Food System Alliance on Farm to School projects.