´╗┐Over the past month we have been very busy getting Zazu ready for the main growing season. We have weeded and laid fabric and wood chips on the paths and spread compost in the beds. We also installed an in-line drip irrigation system.

Mixed greens ready for harvest with Andrew spreading compost on the muscat grapes in the background.

We have been direct seeding radish, mini carrots, squash and sunflowers. We are also constructing trellises for the snow peas. I have been working on developing new menus with Sous Chef Tara Wachtel. It is tricky to predict how many pounds of food a certain crop will produce, and when.

Soon we will be building raised beds made out of cinder block to make room for 40 heirloom tomatoes along with peppers and beans that Maile Arnold is starting for us in her greenhouse.

Beds of greens, chard, rasberries, and favas with the restaurant in the background. We stapled thick landscape fabric to the base of the beds and spread freshly chipped Monterey Pine from Duskie and John's house.