Ian removing an acacia tree that was blocking the view of the farm stand from Guerneville Rd at zazu. Acacia's are just like weeds in the way they spread, and many people are terribly allergic to their pollen.

Ian Erickson has rejoined the MML team! After spending a year planting trees in the East Bay as part of an Americore project, Ian is back in town for the summer. He is interning at the Sonoma County Water Agency for 30hrs a week and then he’ll work with MML on Mondays and Saturdays. Ian is an experienced tree pruner, an extremely hard worker, and a good friend. He also has experience making biodiesel, which I hope to run my tractor on at some point. In addition to doing gardening, Ian will be helping to manage the farm stand which opens on July 4rth. See the Twitter link on the right for ongoing updates.