Royal Burgundy beans growing at zazu with Gigante beans in the background.

I have been harvesting the bush beans at zazu several times a week. We have Roma, Yellow Wax and Royal Burgundy. It is fun to search for hidden beans and bring them to the restaurant walk-in. The kitchen usually cooks or pickles these beans, though they are sweet and crunchy fresh. It is really exciting to be a part of a top notch restaurant kitchen, though I am constantly humbled by the mastery of sous chefs Tara Wachtel and Gabe Nahas.

In so many jobs you can get away with moving slow and slacking, but not in a restaurant kitchen. Everyone has a sense of hustle and it’s fascinating to watch how the food flows from farm to plate. The peppers will go on the menu this week. We have Anaheim/Conquistador, Padron, and Round of Hungary. Tara is excited about frying them, but she made sure that I didn’t plant any really spicy ones, since they don’t pair well with wine.

Anaheim/Conquistador peppers close to harvest at zazu.