My dad, sister and mom heading up through moss covered oaks.

My family and I took a Mother’s Day hike at Olompali State Park with our friends the Curries. The weather drifted in between rain and sun, but the flowers and views were exquisite. He hiked to the top of Mt Burdell and back (about 8 miles).

Delphinium growing amongst various shade groundcovers and ferns.

Camilo Ynitas was a Miwok indian who was granted Rancho Olompali (8,877 acres)by the Mexican government in 1843. He was the only Native American to have a land grant ratified by the US. Camilo was friends with General Vallejo who encouraged him to apply for the land grant. Camilo ran over 600 head of cattle and also grew grain and grapes. The only skirmish in the battle of the Bear Flaggers took place on the property in 1846. The ranch went on to house Jerry Brown and the Grateful Dead.