Trombolino squash growing into a tomato plant at zazu. These can be used like both summer and winter squash, and are remarkably meaty.

Cucumbers and squash will both climb if given the opportunity. These vigorous plants benefit from a vertical habit. The vegetables won’t rot like they often do on the ground and the plants will receive more even light. Small melons are another great candidate for vertical gardening. At zazu we are growing Charentais melons, which are the French version of a cantalope, except that they are smaller and sweeter. Melons require 60-90 days of warm weather to ripen, so I’m really hoping for another heat wave.

A lemon cucumber growing into a padron pepper plant at zazu with red orach in the background.

Charentais melons resting on wood chips that keep them dry. Melons resting on soil tend to rot. Part of this plant is also growing up a spider web shaped trellis made out of twine.